Atlantian 12th Night
January 8-10, 2016

Atlantian Twelfth Night

Not long after the turn of the 16th Century, two of the World's most powerful men decided to meet to discuss peace and alliances. The meeting of Henry VIII of England and Francis of France on "The Field of the Cloth of Gold" remains one of the most remembered peace summits in history, due largely to each man's desire to "one-up" the other in terms of displays of wealth, pageantry, and chivalry. Gentles traveled from far and wide, some supporting France, some supporting England, and some just to see what kind of spectacle would take place.

Both Regents were touted as great men of Renaissance, and therefore each side brought with them the most shining examples of showmanship. There were displays of Artistic Talent, Martial Talent, and Games in a carnival-like atmosphere on a scale seldom seen in this time period.

Come join us as we recreate the atmosphere of this fabled meeting at Atlantian Twelfth Night – a Celebration of the Chivalry and Pageantry of the 16th Century. The theme is anything attributable to the 16th Century.

There will be Arts, Sciences, Performances, Fighting (yes, heavy and rapier), and even Dinner Theatre!